Self-Study Courses

The Self-Study Courses are my proprietary programs designed to help you receive the business fundamentals necessary in creating a sustainable business. All of these programs are under Business Women Warriors. Tapping into your inner warrior assists you in overcoming blocks, as she is courageous, disciplined and focused. And most importantly has a great love for humanity.
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Kick Start Your


90-day program to teach you how to plan your step-by-step strategies to get more clients and change unproductive habits. Using the wisdom of accomplishing 1 BIG Goal at a time.
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2 - Choices to Get Your Business on Track,
while you Overcome Blocks
in your Thinking and Actions.

Includes 3 - 1:1 Coaching

You Will:
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You Receive:
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Plus -
Program Worksheets with
each Training Module
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Bonuses: Powerful Meditations
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I've made it Easy for you to follow. Welcome to the next level in your business.

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I've made it Easy for you to follow. Welcome to the next level in your business.

She Said... He Said About Coach Linda's Proprietary  Programs

"Wow! Linda took me through what started as one goal and we ended up fulfilling several more. I have accomplished more in 3 months than I thought I would accomplish in a year. I feel more confident in business and networking. I knew I had to do something to start gaining growth in my business but I had no idea where to start, I was at a total loss. Linda brainstormed with me and we started to roll. With Linda's encouragement, I became confident in getting my business into a better state. 

I now have 3 specific programs for my Life Coaching business. She has helped me with a network program and some marketing techniques. I'm so glad I upgraded to include 1:1 coaching." - William Hromada, Life Coach Mastering Life’s Journey

The Business Women Warriors 90 Day Challenge helped me more than I ever dreamed. It changed my business and my life. Linda was supportive, helpful and always encouraging growth. My income became more steady and increased by 50% in the span of 90 days! She helped me face my fears and harness the power of my inner warrior to guide me on the journey. With her help, I'm implementing multiple streams of income and leveraging my time better than ever before! As a result, I am working fewer hours, making more money and spending more time with my family. - Lynn Palmgren - Accupuncture

Partaking in the Women Warrior 90 day challenge has been one of the pillars of my business growth this year. I received clear, actionable and enthusiastic advice from Linda. I also greatly benefited from the advice she gave to the other business owners in my challenge group. My business revenue has increased by more than 50% since I started the challenge.

- Terry Clancy - Attorney

1) I've learned to understand and work though my triggers that had been holding me back.
2) I've found a new way to focus on tools and behavior patterns that help me achieve my goals.
3) I've re-evaluated and re-aligned my time management process so I'm now spending my time in ways that make me much more efficient and productive than ever before.

- Dawn Ferencak - Sales

I signed up for the BWW Program to tackle blocks that I had in introducing a new product line in my business. Through the program I was able to identify many of these blocks and progress toward implementing the new product line. I was having difficulty laying the foundation for my new product line. I had concerns about attracting the right client who would value the product and be willing to invest in it. Through working with Linda I was able to determine that I needed to tweak the product toward a slightly different client that would be a better fit for me and my brand. - Sonya Gilbert -Photographer

I wasn’t sure how much I could accomplish in only 90 days. I have exceeded my expectations for myself. I got so much out of the challenge for myself and my business. My warrior helped me get to where I am now. My thinking and the way I approach daily decisions and challenges I face as a business owner has changed dramatically. The tools I received has literally given me more time to be with my children and attain greater success in my business. I recommend this Challenge. It’s like nothing you have yet to experience.”
-Esther - Insurance Franchise Owner


I discovered I really need a push to accomplish my desires otherwise, they just sit on the shelf waiting for me to finish them. The momentum of the group energy gave me the push I needed to stick with it.I learned so much about myself during the 90 days. Linda helped me to acknowledge my strengths and recognize qualities about myself I never really knew.”
– Renee - Spiritual Business Owner

“Linda Berger, my dear friend and fellow Akashic Record teacher. Thank you for being able to see this work from the place of the student. You have made this book clear for all the readers to come. Your support and love, everyday in so many ways, have opened a floodgate in my heart. I couldn’t have completed this without you.” – Lisa Barnett (from the acknowledgements page of The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records.)



"I received so much more than I thought was possible! Linda really gave significant homework and at times it was the last thing that I wanted to do.   She was at attentive, supportive and directive when needed. Given that I’m an alpha, she knew when to step in and call my bluff. I started to change the way that I behaved at work and at home.  I no longer was interested in “looking good” and trying to impress anyone.   It didn’t change anything and I realized I am much more effective being me. It was noticeable at work given my changes.  I was no longer pandering to anyone for a promotion.  I was done with all of that. Two years later I was recruited to be a Vice President at Vanderbilt Hospital. Who says you can’t have what you want?? Not me and not Linda!" – Marcia C



"After 10 years in my practice, I finally am very clear on who I am, what my niche is, and how I will make my mark. All I can say is these courses are AWESOME!”

– Jen Mitchell - Attorney - Solace Divorce Mediation