The Importance of Sisterhood

Updated: Mar 10

Someone doesn't have to be related to you to call you sister, or to have you call her sister. When we talk about sisterhood, we talk about bonds that go much deeper than just sharing DNA with. We mean someone who understands you. Someone you can relate to on a deeply personal level. Someone you trust completely.


The bonds of sisterhood have no limitations: not race or age or socioeconomic status. You can find people from all walks of life who can understand and relate to you. Everyone goes through the stages of life at their own pace and you never know when you might come across someone who's going through the same things you are, even if they're much older or younger.


One of the biggest benefits of this trust is the ability to just be yourself. Women are most likely to be perfectionists. We tend to want everyone to like us and this tendency often results in a stifling of our true selves and/or our needs.

Sisters are with us through the good times and the bad. Like our families, they tend to see us at our worst, as well as our best, and they continue to love us unconditionally. This relentless love allows us to simply be ourselves. It also provides the basis of support that can keep us going even through our hardest struggles.


Sometimes women are too busy trying to compete with each other to stop and help each other. Whether we think we have to look better, dress better, make more money, etc., it can all get in the way of helping the people around us and letting them help us. Forming the bonds of sisterhood with another woman/women reminds us that the women in our lives are not out to get us. On the contrary, they can be our biggest supporters and the people we turn to first when we don't feel strong.


Studies have shown time and again that having strong personal relationships is essential to our mental health. Of course, many of us know that our minds and bodies are connected, so when we boost our mental health, we also make it less likely that we'll get sick. Eliminating or reducing stress is also an important part of this.

Everyone is always talking about how bad stress is, all the negative health benefits associated with stress, and what to do about it. Having strong personal relationships is a great way to deal with stress. When we surround ourselves with people we know we can trust and rely on, we experience lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, decreased inflammation, increased immune function, and improved digestion.

All these things play off each other. A healthy digestive system helps keep inflammation down, which in turn is a key part of staying healthy and maintaining a strong immune system. When you're healthy, you're better equipped to help your sisters out when they need you.

My sister Sue and I enjoying a glass of wine together... Sisterhood!

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