Coach Linda Berger's Family and Community Time.
My family keeps on growing, that's why I limit my work week without limiting my success. I know how important it is to have a balanced life.

About ME

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Here is a brief look inside my world.

I'm not much different then you. I'm a business owner, mother, wife, grandmother, mother in law, sister, daughter, gatherer of like-minded women, friend, life student and seeker of higher truths. And a "never say die" warrior of the heart and soul of people, places and businesses. And the rest can be bullet points!


  • Ran a successful real estate practice for over 20+ years.

  • Co-built a multi million dollar sales team (before teams were the thing in RE)

  • Sales wasn't doing it for me any longer by 2007.

  • Next stop: Keller Williams to learn Productivity Coaching and Training.

  • Taught: Real Estate Professionals: How to build sustainable businesses. (Many made it through the recession utilizing what I taught them.)

  • Coach and Teach: RE Pro's and Women Business Owner's have predictable growth patterns in any market.

  • My BIG WHY:  Freedom to spend more time with my family and travel with my hubby.

  • A serial entrepreneur through and through.

  • My soul (sole) purpose: Empower and Inspire those willing to squeeze every drop of potential they have to help others do the same.

  • My work: Vehicle of business productivity and Reminding other of how Magnificent they are and what they have to offer humanity.

  • Results: Expertly Blending the Wisdom of the Soul with Business Coaching. Creating Proprietary programs, tools, systems, and processes designed for growth phases of business. aka: Efficient and Effective productivity.

  • Leave the world a better than when I got here!


Problems I see and seek to eliminate with Women Business Owners:

  • Feeling isolated.

  • Fear of listening to their heart when it comes to business.

  • Being a Lone Wolf.

  • Desiring connection and community with other successful and heart-driven women business owners.

  • Need insight, support and tools during growth phase.  

  • More hours in a day.

  • Change in Mindset.

  • Need of systems and process.

  • Breaking free of Impostor Syndrome

  • Fear of allowing the Soul to lead their business

In closing:


I believe when you invest time being in your heart, your soul steps forward to lead your mind to fulfill your legacy.

Always Remember one thing, YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT... Please don't forget it!

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