What Does Magnificence Mean to YOU?

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Magic Moments
Making an Impact
Take a Journey with me to Experience Your Magnificence In Everyday Life


Date:  Monday - May 3rd

Time: 2pm - 4pm Central Time

Cost: An Open Heart



Join Me on a Free Zoom webinar

that will open

your mind and your heart... and

light up every cell in your body.

What is Magnificence?

Webster's dictionary describes magnificence as grandeur of appearance, impressiveness, radiance, beauty.

According to the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Records, Magnificence is so much more. Its color is a combination of many. It is bountiful, an awe to behold, a great honor to view, a light so bright all can see, our manifestor, our magnetism.



They say what it is most especially:

It is all that we are completely encompassing every experience, talent, trial, tribulation. 

Please Join Me as We Discuss Experiencing Magnificence in Everyday Life.

Ask yourself:

Do I embrace my magnificence?

Do I even know what it means?

How would my life change if I embraced it?

How do I even do that?

Then let me know if you are in for our very personal and life enhancing call.


Date:  Monday - May 3rd

Time: 2pm - 4pm Central Time

Cost: An Open Heart

What to expect

  1. Discover your own magnificence.
  2. You will learn tools and tips on how to tap into your Magnificence quickly.
  3. Let's talk about our idea of it or how it does or does not show up in our lives.
  4. We do this together as I guide you through processes I've learned from the Akashic Records.