Akashic Busienss course 2.png
Akashic Record Business Accelerator -Course 2
Productivity: Act, Marketing, Sales.
Starts: September 14th Noon - 2:30pm CT
Meets: Every other week for 4 months
  • Our main focus is about discovering, building, and planning to place you where transformation into transmutation of yourself and your business creates productivity to work effectively with other businesses.


  • You will be learning how to manifest from the Quantum field and how to use the tools we all have available to us to align ourselves to the soul of our business.

  • The First month is all about identifying and clearing any blocked energy you have in your heart, soul, body, emotions and mind that interfere with your manifestations becoming fully formed. It is a time to discover and perfect what is impeding your abilities to take your business to another level of success.


  • The Second month we will be working with any productivity blocks in your business that keep it from growing stronger in its mission. You will be identifying where systems and processes are needed to build a solid foundation for growth and building.


  • The Third and Fourth month we will be working on building the marketing the business needs to ignite its contracts. Also, clearing out any blocks to being seen and fears around being fully in your power to heal and transform.


Four months isn't a long time to create massive changes. Even so, you will be engaging manifestation magic. If you are ready to really commit to being vulnerable to having an open heart not only in your work but in your life... be in this course.