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Yes that is true. You see, a business has a Soul just like every other living thing. Except its Soul doesn't come from the same place as ours. Instead, it is created to answer a pain or a question that humanity has requested to be healed or fixed.

And here is the best part... Your business picked you because YOU are the best person to ensure its success. Read that again! It's true.

How Can Accessing the Soul of my Business Help?

Your Business has its own Soul. It was created with a higher purpose to fulfill contracts, karma and distribute healing to those it has contracted with to do so. We can access all the answers you need through its Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records of your business will help you align with its higher purpose. We often feel we are the ones controlling it. Not so, according to the AR Keepers. This is one of my favorite type of consultations because I can see the inner workings of the soul facilitating contracts as people meet each other to work through issues, help each other out, become a resource, find their spouse, get fired, hired, laid off, become a partner, etc. The workings are endless but quite unique for that soul and the owner of the business. 

Our businesses need to follow their souls' path in order to fulfill its purpose. You are responsible for helping it along, that is why it is your business. How about your job or career? You have a contract with the soul of the company you work for. Would you just love to know what that is?

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"Taking the guesswork out of my business decisions has given me so much clarity. I am able to confidently direct my business choices and energy to build my business in a much more efficient manner financially." 
                                                     -Aishling Buckley

How to Access the Soul of YOUR Business for More Clients

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Schedule a 2 Hour Consultation

Learn How to Access the Soul of Your Business

4 Month Soul Mission Course

Accelerated Business Growth Mentoring


3 or 6 Month Options Available

I'm Linda Berger, Mentor, Business Coach and International Soul Wisdom Akashic Teacher/Consultant. For over 25 years I've been mentoring business owners to make a profound impact through their businesses to better their personal lives.  My Super Power ... I'm fluent in two languages: The language of strategic business and the language of the Soul. 

When you combine the two, you receive powerful changes to your business and life. Remember, your business picked you, so finding clarity of purpose and gaining confidence in taking next steps, are all you have to do to create a powerful impact in your life, business, and relationships. 

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"There were so many benefits to my business from enrolling in Soul Mission Business Course. The knowledge I gained from connecting with my board of directors on the other side has increased my business sales."
                              -Gracie Miller